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The Controls Project by Liam Montier - Magic Review

On this episode of Magician's Choice, we review The Controls Project by

Liam Montier and Big Blind Media. This is a fantastic collection of

controls that you don't want to miss out on.

Title:The Controls Project

Format: DVD

Created by: Various

Published by: Big Blind Media

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Run time: 122 min

Available at:

Price: $29.12


** Introduction

** Holding A Break

Double Undercut

Double Undercut Variation

Double Undercut To Table

Dominique Duvivier Double Undercut

** Double Undercut Advice

** Other Double Undercut Ideas

Overhand Shuffle Control

The Injog Shuffle

Natural Jog Control

** Delaying The Control

Hindu Shuffle Control

Swivel Cut

Dribble Toss Control

** How to Practise

The Tipover Control

Ovette Master Move

Ovette Master Move Misdirection Advice

** Casual vs Formal

Pants Leg Reverse

Simplicity Control

Tilt Illusion

** Uniformity Of Action

Spread Cull Control

Convincing Control

Flexible Switchout

Illogical Double Lift

Bluff Pass

** Fixing A Mistake

Side Steal

Side Steal To Bottom

** Multiple Shift Introduction

Dai Vernon's Multiple Shift

Carmen D'Amico's Multiple Shift


Blind Lemon Aces - Jack Carpenter

Deep Thrust - Larry Jenning

Psychic Pickpocket - Liam Montier

The Powerful Queen - Rovi

WWBD - Liam Montier

Infinity Round Trip – Alex Elmsley

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