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Magic Review - Move Zero Vol. 4 by John Bannon

Title: Move Zero Vol. 4

Format: DVD/Download

Creator: John Bannon

Cost: $33.12

Skill Level: Beginner

Run Time: 2hrs 22min

Page Count: N/A

Magician’s Choice Rating: 5/5

This is the last volume this the series on self-working card magic by John Bannon. I have enjoyed all of the previous volumes of Move Zero, and Volume 4 is no different.

As always, the video and audio quality are excellent. Owen at Big Blind Media always does a stellar job producing their projects. When it comes to video production quality I think Big Blind Media currently wears the crown.

John Bannon is a very patient teacher, and goes over everything clearly and it makes learning this material very easy. I love how John manages to make rather complicated concepts seem very simple.

There are 9 effects on this volume, and John Bannon shares his thoughts and explanations of principles in magic through interviews, that are scattered throughout the DVD. During one of these interviews John shares his opinion on the next steps in magic, and what types of moves to go to next.

Although the primary audience is beginners, I think the material is suitable for magicians of all levels. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from everything shared on this project, in particular in trick construction, and layering methods. Both are discussed in this volume, but overall are covered throughout the entire project.

Volume 4 comes with an accessory that you need for the effect

“lost in translation”, and when I bought mine from Big Blind Media, it came with John Bannon’s eBook Double Barrell as well, with is a real bonus.

My favorite effect from this volume is one called Proximity. It was previously published in John’s book Mentalissimo, and I have been using it since I read it there. It’s a fantastic trick that gets some interesting reactions, so check that one out.

I enjoyed many of the effects on this volume but keep your eyes out for Proximity, Second Reckoning, and Depth Charge. These effects really stood out to me.

If you prefer books to video, or if you are interested in learning more of John’s magic, then there are some great books for you to check out. Dear Mr. Fantasy, High Caliber, Destination Zero, and Mentalissimo, are all titles that will round out your collection, and knowledge nicely. Most of the effects from move zero can be found in Destination Zero, but some of the effects are contained in these other fine texts.

Over all, I think this volume fits nicely into the previous three volumes, and would be an excellent addition to your arsenal of magic.

I give Move Zero Volume 4 a 5/5.

I give the entire series the Magician’s Choice Seal of Approval. This is the best in depth study of self-working card magic, and of trick construction available. If you have not checked out this material then you are missing out.


Proximity * Second Reckoning * Trickbag - Automatic Placement Revisited * Power Of Poker * Trickbag - Bill Simon's 64 Principle * Banco * Depth Charge * Trickbag - The Slip Shuffle Force * Lost In Translation * View To A 'Skill * Go-figuration * Trickbag - Layering Methods * Triplicity * Interview - Next Steps For Learning Magic



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