Coin Box Concepts Vol. 1 & 2 by J. Burk Whittaker - Magic Review & Special Offer

Title: Coin Box Concepts Vol. 1 & 2

Format: Download Creator: J. Burk Whittaker

Publisher: Self

Special Offer: Get Both Volumes for $29.99

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Run Time: (Vol.1) 1hr 38min (Vol.2) 1hr 52min

Rating: 4/5


Coin Box Concepts Volume 1


My Old Halves

No Table Required

The Triple Transpo

Benson Meets Okito

Not Quite In


The Black Penny

The Red Bag Holdout


The Elementary Turnover

Standard Top Revolve

The Rollover Vanish (Check Harry Lorayne Book)

The Reverse Rollover

The Coin Switch (Check Source)

Illogical Friction Steel

JBW Shootout

Classic Dump Out

The Standard Lid Load

Momentary Palm and Turnover

Table Placement

The Simple Coin Box Switch

What Switch

Hopswitch and a Jump

Bonus Section:The Dropbox
What you Need

Okito Box

Box with holes all the way through

Star or Slot Box

5 matching coins

4 copper

4 Chinese coins

JG Thompson Coin

Wand or replacement like a pencil or pen


Deck of Cards

Coin Box Concepts Volume 2


Triple Travel

Pierced Through


Just Three Under

My One Coin Routine

The cursed Routine

Star Triple Travel

Hoo Thru and thru

Spellbound Box


Forward Rollover Turnover

The Fingerpalm Steal

Rollover Restoration

Pick and Drop

Illogical Friction Lid Load

Shortshot Toss Revolve

SSJW Box Switch

Utility Coin Box Switch

Bonus Section: The Clear Box
What you Need

Okito Box

Okito Box with Holes

Star or Slot Box

5 coins

4 copper

Special Chinese coin set

JG Thomson Coin

Copper/Silver Coin