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Eclipse by Dave Loosley - Magic Review

Title: Eclipse Format: Download Creator: Dave Loosley Publisher: Penguin Magic Price: $9.95 Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate Run Time: 30Min 53Sec Rating: 5 Website: Facebook: Youtube: To Build your gimmick you are going to need some scissors, and re positional, or restickable glue, and a playing card that is the opposite color of the deck you are using. I did a quick search online found that you can get a few sticks glue on Amazon for around $3.00. To do the Anniversary Walts routine you will need some special cards that are pretty standard for Anniversary Waltz routines. Blank cards, blank face, and double back. The primary routine is a Card to Pocket with Color change kicker, and Dave teaches a variation on this as well. Also included is a Chicago Opener style effect, and an Anniversary Waltz to be shared between the magician and the spectator. For the Chicago Opener be aware of your side angles. The way the gimmick is being used here just requires a little sensitivity from the side. I particularly like how the color change for the card to pocket helps cancel out any palming fishiness from the spectators mind because the card you are showing them is of a different color than the signed and selected card. When we reach 100 subscribers on you tube, I will be doing a give away that will be for subscribers only. That's it for me. Thank you for watching Magician's Choice, putting quality magic in your hands.

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