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Magic Review - Meditations by James Went

In this magic review we take a look at Meditations by James Went. A 2 disc DVD set of card magic from James Went and Big Blind Media.

My favorite effects from the project are Collectors, Broken Triumph, and Roy's Sandwich.

All of the techniques on this project are really good, and they all have a very casual and relaxed feel to them which I really enjoy.

My favorite techniques on the project are the 4 of a kind production #1 the relaxed pass the spread half pass, and the T.I.T.T.I.E.S Peek.

I enjoyed the project and there is some fun stuff on here so I think you will enjoy it. I'm also really curious about what James Went will put out in the future.

There are some sample routine videos to view over at big blind media so if your interested check those out. Title: James Went Meditations Format: DVD or Download Creator: James Went Cost: $34.71 Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced Run Time: 3+ Hours Available from: Magicians Choice Rating:4 Contents



Inevitable - This is James' version of the open predition. I really enjoy this version of the effect. The method is really clever.

*Roy’s Sandwich - This is a combination of triumph and the sandwich plot inspired by Roy Walton. This is my favorite effect on this disc.

For Krenzel - This is a very straight forward Reversal with a mentalism presentation. Think Marlo's Future Reverse done by Ken Krenzel.

Conditional Triumph - This is an impromptu effect but there is a lot going on here.

*SandIwich Thing - This sandwich effect has a surprising and very visual component to it.


4 of A Kind Production I

4 of A Kind Production II

T.I.T Peek

T.I.T.T.I.E.S Peek

Top Card Production

Jack’s Ginger Snap




Poker Con - In this gambling style routine you complete a poker hand for your confederate after they have selected a card.

Selected Daley - Daley's last trick used to find a selected card.

*Broken Triumph - A triumph with a really fair display of mixed cards.

*Collectors - A really casual and simple collectors routine.

Searchers - 2 cards search through the deck to find the selected card.


Spread Peek

Relaxed Pass

Thoughts On Controls I

Thoughts On Controls II

Spread Pass

Spread Half Pass


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