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What's Inside Box by Sinbad Max - First Look

Title: Box

Format: Physical Product Plus Streaming Video

Creator: Sinbad Max

Cost: $40.00

I have been excited about this project ever since I saw it advertised in Magic Magazine a year ago. I’m a fan of coin box work so I do tend to purchase new coin box routines when I find them.

I received this in the mail the other day, and I wanted to open it up and share it with you.

Inside the quality packaging, you will see a felt or velvet drawstring bag, a card with the URL and password to access your streaming video instructions for the 2 effects, and a standard half dollar sized Okito Box and matching lid.

The box has a nice weight to it. It feels very similar to the David Roth Okito Box. The lid fits nicely over the body. Not too loose, and not too tight either. I have had no problem executing any turns with the box. The box is not gimmicked, but the inside diameter appears large enough to be able to support a [turtle]. I do not have a half dollar sized [turtle] handy so I cannot verify that right now. As soon as I can I will share that info, but I know that the David Roth box does support that tool, and the inside of this box by Sinbad Max and Lost Art magic appears the same.

The lid has the Lost Art Magic logo on the inside. The lid is very shallow. I like the feel of how shallow it is. The moves I have tried with the lid have all worked just fine. As of right now I really like the depth of the lid. I think it makes some sleight a little easier.

The rim of the box is nice and thick, and the top of the rim is flat. There are certain sleights with the rim that I am finding a little easier due to the rim being flat instead of rounded.

This is a standard box with some minor modifications, so you should be able to execute the routines with your own box, but I do see how some of these modifications could be helpful. Also, this box should work with other routines you may do.

I think that should be it for now. When I have an opportunity to really check out the streaming video and work on the routines, I’ll get back to you and do an actual review.



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