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Magic Review - Kainoa on Coins: Inferential

Title: Kainoa on Coins: Inferential

Format: DVD

Creator: Various, but presented by Kainoa Harbottle

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Run Time: 36 min

Page Count: N/A

Magician’s Choice Rating: 5

I held off on picking this up for a while, because I just did not think I needed a new C/S routine and to be honest I was not using the ones I know. I’m not sure what sparked my curiosity, but for whatever the reason I sure am glad I picked this up.

There is nothing terribly difficult here, and I think it will work very well for any skill level. Kainoa does a great job demonstrating and explaining the effects, and since there are no difficult coin sleights to do you can look forward receiving big pay offs for minimum work. If you are looking to add some simple and effective coin magic into your repertoire, then this may be what you are looking for.

The concept behind these routines is very subtle and very powerful. I was a little concerned that there was a lack of proving going on with the routines. When I tried it out for the first time I realized how wrong I was, because the subtle little inference really does all majority of the work in the spectator’s mind. Every time I have performed this the spectators have been amazed, and I will be adding this into my repertoire.

There are 3 effects to be learned on this project. All three use a C/S coin.

The magic here is all pretty easy to do, and is about as self working as you can get with coin magic. I like the Inferential Copper/Silver, and Inferential Wild Coin the best. These two both fit me and my style so I will be spending most of my time with these, but I do enjoy Standing Inferential as well. I think all the routines are commercial and I have really enjoyed performing them.


This set comes with a DVD in a cardboard sleeve, a half dollar C/S coin (Kennedy) and 3 matching copper coins (English Pennies). This is what you need for the routines except for some pocket change, and a coin purse. It would be helpful if you had a few half dollars laying around, but not crucial. This is a good value and it is well worth the $40. Overall the DVD is good quality, with performances, and studio explanations.

Inferential Copper/Silver

This is a copper silver transposition in the spectator’s hands where everything is examinable at the end. This is a Curtis Kam routine that was originally published in 1983 in Apocalypse. This effect starts out with 2 presentations. The first is a performance for one person, and the second is a performance for 2 people. To perform this routine as it is on the DVD you will need some of your own pocket change. As long as you have a penny and a silver coin you should be good to go. I love the audience management component of putting another coin on top of their hand to keep them from opening their hand early.

I think this effect version of this effect is perfect for walk around performances. This is my favorite effect on the project. You do need to pay attention to what you’re doing with this effect.

Inferential Wild Coin

One by one copper coins turn silver, and are placed into the spectator’s hands. After a moment imagination is over and they all turn back to copper. This is Kainoa’s handling on an effect by Miguel Angel Gea. I love how the copper coins change into silver and change back while in the spectator’s hands.

Standing Inferential

This is Kainoa’s contribution to the project. It is a Copper Silver transposition that is done at chest level, and uses a coin purse, and Curtis Kam’s Flip Switch. I love the flip switch and I’m happy to add it to my library of coin moves. This is another innovative way to “infer” the situation to the spectator. Of the 3 effects this one fits me the least, but this is still great stuff! I like the fact that the effect is standing, and parts are done at chest level.



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