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Magic Review - Move Zero Vol. 3 by John Bannon

Title: Move Zero Volume 3

Format: DVD

Creator: John Bannon

Cost: $32.22

Skill Level: Beginner

Run Time: 148 Min

Page Count: N/A

Magician’s Choice Rating:5


The 32nd Sense

A procedure helps select a card, and that card is found by coincidence at the same location in the deck as indicated by a monetary value in an envelope. Originally published in Destination Zero.

Trick Bag – Automatic Placement

This is a wonderful explanation of the automatic placement.


Through procedure a card in remembered, and through some more procedure found between a pair of cards. Originally published in Destination zero

Candy Crush

A card is created through spectator choice and then located by spelling its name.

Originally published in Mentalissimo

Trick Bag – Prophesy Move

A nice lesson in Bill Simon’s Prophesy move.

Poker Pairadox

After a selection, all the pairs in the packets are revealed.

Originally published in High Caliber

Origami Poker

A royal flush is the result after cards are shuffled face up and face down, and dealt into a square and flipped back into one pile. This is a streamlined version of what is in Dear Mr. Fantasy, and this version is in Six impossible thing, and high caliber.

Trick Bag – Bob Hummer’s Parity Principle

A quick lesson in what makes this principle work.

Origami Prediction

After a shuffle, and mixing cards face up and face down, the magician’s predictions match exactly. Originally published in Six impossible things, and High Caliber.

Big Bad Add

Cards are dealt into two piles, each participant places down a number card from their hand creating a two-digit number. This is done a few times and then the numbers are added up. The total matches a prediction. Originally published in Mentalissimo

Trick Bag – Vertical Addition

A Lesson in the math.

Cross Purposes

Mentally remembered card at randomly selected number. Deck of cards are cut and 2 spectators both take some cards, and remember the number of cards selected. One spectator remembers the card at their number. The remembered card is found at the other spectator’s numbers. Originally published in Destination Zero.

Box of Doom

Magician proves they know where the spectator will stop dealing with multiple revelations.

Einstein and overkill. Originally published in Destination Zero.

Trick Bag – Einstein Tautology

Explanation of the statement that is always true.

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