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Broadway Magic

I recently returned from a family trip to the beach, where my family, and our best friends had a marvelous time relaxing and doing the beach thing. While on vacation we drove to Myrtle Beach to do some touristy stuff at Broadway At The Beach. As we walked around we found Broadway Magic and went inside.

Broadway magic is a nice little shop, that carries magic, and novelties. There is a cool Zoltar fortune telling machine, like the one from the movie big, at the front. My daughter really liked it, and got her fortune while the rest of us looked around. They had a little of everything on the walls, but featured items that are used by beginner and novice magicians. There was a copy of The Royal Road to Card Magic, and 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda on the wall, and a few items behind the counter that were a little more involved. I noticed Twisted Sister by John Bannon and Tool by David Stone, and a few others. There were also many different deck of cards in the display with different back designs if you wanted to get something other than a red or blue pack of bikes.

Within our first minute there Dave gathered us around the counter and began his demo. He did the effects I expected to see, but I’ll be honest, they were the right ones for our group. He did a Svengali deck routine, a sponge ball routine, and some wonder bubbles. The kids loved every second of it, and I did to. It made me miss being able to just pop into a magic shop any time I wanted and being able to spend time with the people there. I learned so much by just being at Al’s Magic Shop in D.C., and Barry’s Magic in Maryland over the years.

Maybe it was because it was pretty slow in the shop, but Dave spent some extra time with the kids helping them choose their, and did not push any products on them that were out of their skill, or interest level. My friends looked to me to make sure they were not getting anything that was more than they could handle, and honestly I think that Dave steered them the right direction.

The kids ended up purchasing a Svengali Deck Kit, Mystery Card Box, and a Vanishing Deck. All of the products were made well, and I felt like we were getting a good price on the items. The Svengali Deck Kit came with a booklet with 101 tricks (really just 101 different reveals), a DVD, and a bonus kit with a handful of additional things for right around $20. Depending on where you purchase it from you would get less for your money.

I lingered for a bit after the kids made their purchases and talked to Dave. I thanked him for his time, and for steering the kids the right way. He showed me some cool stuff too. He is a really nice guy who seemed genuinely interest in sparking the magic bug, and not just making a buck.

Although I thanked him when we were there, I thought the best way to show our appreciation was to give him and the shop a shout out here on Magician’s Choice.

If you happen to be in the Myrtle Beach area, head on over to Broadway At The Beach and visit Dave, at Broadway Magic. He will treat your right.

Dave and the fidget spinners

Dave, if you are reading this, the kids really enjoyed their purchases, and have spent many hours practicing and coming up with their own routines. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work!

Broadway Magic 1215 Celebrity Circle, Suite M-150 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA 843-626-8191

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