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David Blaine National Tour 2017

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a show on David Blaine’s First tour. This is wonderful show, that is well worth the cost of the ticket. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend going and experiencing the show for yourself.

The show I saw consisted of stunts and effects that has been included in the most recent special on T.V., but I expect the specific effects and stunts will vary from show to show. David Blaine said himself that the tour is a little experimental, and that things change.

The performance was exceptional, and it felt organic, and authentic. I really enjoyed it. The audience I was with was really interactive. We cheered and encouraged David during stunts, and listening to everyone react in the audience, and watching the audience members who joined him on stage react was fun. At the end of the show David sat on the edge of the stage and answered questions from the audience. I really enjoyed listening to him respond to questions. The way David interacted with the crowd made the show really personal, and I know that at least I felt like this show was just for us.

Asi Wind also performed during the show and his set was brilliant! He did a routine with Rubik’s cubes that was very entertaining. During the intermission most of the discussion I overheard was people trying to figure out how Asi Wind had managed to solve 2 Rubik’s cubes at the same time, and had also matched the layout of a cube that had mixed by an audience member.

Overall this is an excellent show that you will enjoy, and I hope you have the opportunity to see it.

As I write this there are only 11 shows left, but tickets are still available. If you are interested check out the link.

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