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Spotlight On Coins by John Carey

Title: Spotlight on Coins Format: Download Creator: John Carey Cost: $10.00 Skill Level: Beginner Run Time: 31:35 Page Count: N/A Magician’s Choice Rating: 4/5

In this video from Vanishing Inc. you get 6 non gaff coin routines using core coin sleights from John Carey. These are all quality effects that are effective, and simple to handle.

The video is good quality. It’s shot in a studio with good lighting and sound. I like the over the shoulder/magicians view shots during the explanations. You can clearly see what is being done; making the routines easier to learn.

The instruction is solid, but it is assumed that you know the core moves. John does not explain the core sleights to you.

The routines are well within the range of a beginner coin magician, as long as you are familiar with the core moves. All of the moves used are easy to research should you not be familiar with one.

The video shows a studio performance of each effect, followed by the explanation and handling. There is a spectator present for only one of the routines, and I wish there had been one or two for all of the performances. I like watching and learning from performances where I can see the blocking and interaction with the audience. I feel like the this would have made the video even better, but does not take away from the overall quality.

All the routines use un-gaffed coins. I like the freedom this gives, and the simplicity of the routines. All of the routines are short, making them great from walk around, and table hopping.

My favorite effect is called Streamlined Coins to Purse. Of the 6 routines on the download, this one fits me best, and I also think it is the most well rounded, and has best structure when compared to the other items on this project. For me this one is worth the cost of the project alone.

To perform the effects on this project you are going to need an assortment of coins, a coin purse, a jumbo coin, and something to act as a wand. With the effect descriptions I have included what you need to perform the effect, so you can make sure you have what you need to do the effects. The effects are gimmick free so with the exception of the Jumbo coin everything is normal.

On a scale of 1 to 5 1 being I hate it and 5 being I absolutely love it, I give Spotlight on Coins by John Carey, a 4. This is solid un-gaffed material that I think will be good for everyone, but may be best suited for newer coin magicians to practice their skills with solid working material, and for those looking to focus on presentation, and not so much on knuckle busting coin work.


Spell One

This is a combination of a one coin and spellbound routine with a BIG finish.

What you need:

2 contrasting coins

A jumbo coin that matches one of your 2 contrasting coins (e.g. Half Dollar, English Penny)


This is a prediction effect based on the equivoque. I prefer a similar effect from John Carey e-zine The Carey Scene volume 1 issue 1 called Squeaky Clean Prediction. I know it uses a gimmick, but I think it is a better routine, and it fits my style more.

What you need:

5 different coins (e.g. Half Dollar, English Penny, Chinese Coin, Gold Coin, Quarter)

A coin that matches one of the 5



International Hanging Coins

This is a hanging coin routine using three different coins. The handling is very simple, and this is a quick and easy version of the effect.

What you need:

3 different coins. (e.g. Half Dollar, English Penny, Chinese Coin)

*Slow Motion Copper/Silver

What you need.

Purse, 2 matching coins, 1 contrasting coin. (e.g. 2 half dollars, 1 English penny)


This is an un-gaffed version of The Hook by Larry Jennings. It’s another variation on the hanging coins plot, but here the coins do not come back.

What you need:

3 matching coins (e.g. 3 half dollars)

Streamlined Coins to Purse

This is a simple coin to purse routine. This is my favorite routine on the download. It is the most well rounded, and has the best structure. I love it!

What you need:

A purse

5 matching coins (e.g. 5 half dollars)

a wand/substitute (e.g. wand, lighter, marker)

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